Monday, July 8, 2013

Purchase my Yearly Binder in Turquoise Chevron by Tomorrow and get over 30 pages of editable forms for FREE!!!

Hurry! My turquoise chevron yearly binder is super cute and EDITABLE! It not only comes with an editable title page where you can customize with your name, but there is an editable cover page so that you can create a yearly binder that fits your needs. Matching customizable spine inserts are also included! It is super cute and will keep you organized all year. To make the deal even sweeter, for only 2.00 you will not only get the super cute binder but you will also get over 30 editable form pages for FREE!!!! The forms include a student roster, medical concerns, birthdays, how we get home, technology logins, lunch numbers, reading levels, to do list, meeting notes, master schedule and much more! All forms are editable!! HURRY! You must purchase my Turquoise Chevron Binder by tomorrow at 11:59pm!!! Just click my tpt link on the right side of this blog!

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Reynaldo Rivas said...

Savvy piece . I am thankful for the info . Does anyone know where my business would be able to obtain a blank Editable Form to fill in ?