Sunday, May 6, 2018

My First Month of mTurk

Now that I have learned the ropes and gotten the hang of MTurk, here is an update on my earnings, some lessons I learned, and some tips and tricks for those of you that want to get started.

Patience and Determination are a must

You must have patience and some determination, so setting some goals along the way is going to be helpful. My first goal was to achieve 100 HITS and make at least 50.00 my first month. I accomplished this by working diligently on HITS every day. The more HITS I got approved, the more HITS opened up for me. I made 66.87 this first month and have 125 HITS approved.

My mistake starting out was submitting HITS by mistake before I had completed them. I got 3 HITS rejected the first week because of this mistake which hurt my approval rating. I rating is at 97% and for most of the higher paying HITS you need 100 approved HITS and 98% approval rate. I am working back up to this my second month.

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